Li Dongrong, China Mutual Gold Association: agrees to study digital currency, and should keep the value of currency in the first place

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, the opening ceremony of the 16th Annual Global Conference (F20 Summit) of the International Finance Forum (IFF) was held in Guangzhou on the morning of November 23. Li Dongrong, president of the China Internet Finance Association, said that the current research on digital currency is mainly concerned with two aspects: the first is its currency issuance mechanism, and the second is the security and efficiency of currency use. Some people have proposed some new academic views, that is, in the replacement of M1 or M2, can digital technology play a more important role, even a subversive change? From the perspective of academic research, there is no problem. Everyone can actively study, and there are hundreds of flowers and hundreds of schools. However, it is a very prudent thing to form a monetary system and apply it in real life scenarios. Any country, any government, or any central bank must be very cautious on this issue, and it is necessary to conduct a rigorous argument. And practice verification. Li Dongrong believes that the stability of the currency is always the first. Historical experience shows that if the use of digital currency brings us security, speed and convenience on the basis of currency stability, it will certainly adapt to social needs and have broad development space. On the other hand, if it brings about the instability of the currency, or the impact on the stability of the currency, the catastrophic impact.