Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance: The process of advancing digital currency and digital tariffs requires global macroeconomic policy coordination

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, the opening ceremony of the 16th Annual Global Conference (F20 Summit) of the International Finance Forum (IFF) was held in Guangzhou on the morning of November 23. Zhu Guangyao, the State Council’s deputy and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Finance, expressed his views on the digital economy. He said that although digital taxation and digital currency are new concepts, if the global can achieve macroeconomic policy coordination, it can promote the inclusion of figures. The process of currency and digital tariffs. The G20 has hoped to propose policy recommendations in this area by 2020. Every country is good for it. This is a very important policy. We are at a critical moment. Finally, countries must build a defense line together to prevent the next financial crisis.