Xinhua News Agency comment: Do not want to put the blockchain in this chanting

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Recently, the “blockchain” has been on fire. From the high heat, you can feel the enthusiasm of enterprises and institutions for blockchain technology and industrial development. However, the phenomenon of “virtual fire” and the deviation of operation in some places cannot be ignored.

For example, some people with a speculative attitude, rich psychology, take a variety of means fancy hot spots, clearly their business and blockchain gossip can not beat, hard to put on the blockchain name to hype; The publicity of "digital currency is the blockchain" and "explosive coins are officially supported", such as bitcoin, zero-coin, and air currency.

What's more, in the blockchain chain, the so-called "block chain pig raising", "blockchain chicken" and "blockchain walking" and other projects are swindled and scammed, illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes and fraud. Not long ago, a sports app calling itself "development based on blockchain technology" was investigated by the relevant departments. It is not a case that the pyramid scheme is covered with a “blockchain”.

All kinds of "routing" have harmed the public interest and polluted the ecology of the blockchain industry. If the chaos is ruined and the atmosphere is broken, it will be difficult for speculators to go their own way and work hard to do things. This will inevitably lead to the effect of "bad money driving out good money", which is very unfavorable to the health and long-term development of the industry.

The good news is that the blockchain can't be the "small" of hype and the "signboard" of deception. The development of blockchain can't fall into the astray of quick success and quick enthusiasm for making "quick money."

The development of blockchain, impetuous is the enemy. Occupy the commanding heights of the blockchain technology, there is no shortcut. Concentrate on the strength of research and development, to maintain the tenacity of dripping water, and to sacrifice the basics and long-term hard work, in order to read the blockchain.