Market Analysis: BTC is still in the stage of technical adjustment, and the mainstream currency market has better BCH performance.

Market Review: Yesterday's trend rebounded after the 7400 line was blocked, the trend entered a turbulent trend, the market volume could shrink, the price was adjusted within the range of 7000-7300, and the price in the early morning hours was above the 7200 area, and the trend continued to attack the test high. Resistance, but the upper pressure has been formed, and the kinetic energy is insufficient, and the trend of oscillating adjustment remains.

Analysis of the market: Yesterday, Yang K was received. Today, the price remains at a high level, and there is a tendency to continue to rise upwards. However, the upside momentum is insufficient, the short-term market is under-reported, and the trend has entered a stale posture, and the price has entered the daily line. In the forest belt interval, the risk of callback is weakened. From the current situation, the trend has not yet touched the key resistance area, so this stage will continue to maintain the rhythm of the shock, and the above 5-day moving average will form resistance to 8500, 10 days. The moving average is down to the 7950 position, and the top is full of heavy resistance. The moving averages are short and short. The follow-up trend is further downward. Then the high pressure will move down and the situation will become more and more tense. Whether it can break through will also determine the recent market. Change.

The MACD indicator of the chart continues to be downward. Both the STOCH and the RSI indicators are leveling around the 20-level line. The subsequent trend will enter a trend of volatility and downward trend. From the current situation, the current trend is constantly alleviating the current pressure, and the market sentiment has turned. The signs of warmth, but the ability to break through is still insufficient, the situation is still relatively tight, Chen Chuchu believes that the operation grasps the high altitude and low, grasps the short-term gains, the layout is still high-level and short-selling, in the 7400-7500 area can follow the empty list, more than a single suggestion Follow up at 7200-7100, strictly take a stop-loss stop and grasp the key entry timing.

ETH also temporarily stopped the decline, and there is the possibility of upward continuation. However, the current market volume can be reduced, the breakthrough is insufficient, and the pressure on the top is released. The trend is in a turbulent situation. Today, there is still a weak bullish will to push the price. Upstairs, but the overall situation is not good, so the offensive has not yet formed. If the follow-up trend can be maintained above 150, then there will inevitably be an outburst. The trend will move toward the 155-160 area, so at present During the adjustment phase, we have a high level of low altitude. The high position can follow the empty list near 155. It is recommended to enter the market near 147-150 to grasp the key entry opportunities.

BCH is in a good situation today, and the trend continues to maintain the upside posture. The price is approaching the 5-day moving average, but it also suffers from the above-mentioned short-selling resistance. The situation is beginning to be glued, and the market has been opened, and the bullish sentiment has been driven. The follow-up will always give a good upside opportunity, so the author believes that the operation is low and low, and the short-term aspect can currently lay out the empty order below. After all, it is now a low position, and it will leave in time after the high profit, short-term want Breakthroughs also need to gradually release high short pressures, and layout can be made near 210 below.