Deng Xu, Managing Director of Yunxiang Blockchain: There are four levels of application of blockchain technology in financial supervision.

According to the Securities Daily News, recently, Deng Xu, managing director of Yunxiang Blockchain, said in an interview that the application of blockchain in the field of financial supervision is mainly to use blockchain as a technical tool to achieve information flow collaborative management, thereby preventing financial Risk, to achieve the goal of safe and efficient flow of funds. Deng Xu pointed out that at present, the application of blockchain technology in financial supervision has four levels: first, to achieve multi-party information coordination, improve the efficiency of the participating entities; second, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the underlying assets; Third, the transaction link is transparent and can be verified by a third party. Fourth, the entire process of the business forms a closed-loop ecosystem and establishes a credit network. All parties are able to see the flow of funds, and the regulators turn post-regulation into ex ante or in-process supervision.