Analysis of the madman market on April 22: In addition to the property rise to the ordinary people, the investment is not?

Market analysis
Bitcoin is still a drop-down. Even if the mainstream currency fell sharply yesterday, Bitcoin still has no deep adjustment, indicating that the intervention of funds still exists. The over-the-counter USDT transaction is still in a premium state. Of course, the main reason is likely It is caused by IEO. This state keeps Bitcoin at a high level. However, from today's trend, it is still a state of shrinking rebound. This means that the height of this round of market has been limited. In the middle line, the position is still The risk is higher, or the position is controlled at a low position.


Analysis of the madman market on April 22: In addition to the real estate, the average person is too much for investment?

ETH is still in the ascending channel as a whole. The short-term rebound is not strong, so there is still room for a correction. The rebound should be an opportunity to lighten up.


There is a small rebound near 0.3, but the pressure above is too heavy, the throwing pressure is large, and it is difficult to perform before the amount can be amplified sharply. Therefore, it is still dominated by the bottom shock.


Yesterday, it fell sharply. It rebounded slightly today, and its strength is very weak. The probability of further correction in the market outlook is extremely high.


Analysis of the madman market on April 22: In addition to the real estate, the average person is too much for investment?

In the strong pressure zone of the box, but the trend line has not been pressed down, do not operate casually before breaking the downtrend, because the volume of the contract is sharply reduced, it is difficult to really solve the above-mentioned selling pressure, on the contrary, the possibility of pulling the scam Extremely high.


It is also a heavy volume, a shrinking volume, and a limited rebound. It is not recommended to participate.


The mainstream leader, the direction of choice down, the market outlook may continue to drive the mainstream currency to fall, today's rebound is not strong, control risk-based.

Platform currency:

The continuous IEO will suck the mainstream currency, causing the platform currency to rise slightly. It is recommended that the platform currency can operate according to the 5-day line method and fall below the 5-day line method.


Support was obtained near 0.072, and the funds began to flow back again. If this amount can be regained back to the 5th line, it is a point of purchase. On the contrary, if you do not buy at 0.072, you will not buy the bottom.

The small currency is weak overall today, and the overall atmosphere of the market is above IEO, so the platform currency is stronger than the mainstream currency, and this situation has been going on for a long time. Those messy coins are once again abandoned by funds and turned to IEO. . The reason for the continued premium of the USDT is that a lot of funds come in and make new use. IOE uses low-risk arbitrage. When the IEO ebbs, the USDT premium will gradually return to normal. Therefore, whether it is mainstream or small currency, it will not operate for the time being. Rebound and lighten up.

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