Hunan University plans to use Tianhe supercomputer storage system to conduct research in the field of blockchain and other fields.

According to People's Daily News, on November 21st, at the World Supercomputing Conference SC held in Denver, USA, the IO-500 ranking was officially released. The Tianhe Supercomputer Storage System of the National Supercomputing Changsha Center of Hunan University won the first place in the IO-500 total list bandwidth with a score of 209.43 GiB/s, which is the fastest storage system in the world. Currently, the system is deployed at the National Supercomputing Changsha Center of Hunan University. As one of the research and development and application units of the Tianhe series of supercomputers, the school plans to make full use of the characteristics and advantages of the system, and carry out a series of research in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and so on.