Former Editor-in-Chief of the People’s Daily: Integrating Innovation, Empowering the New Economy, Actively Applying New Technologies such as Big Data Mining and Blockchain

On January 23, at the 2019 Belt and Road New Economy, New Kinetic Energy Global Industry Integration Development Summit, Xie Guoming, member of the Social Construction Committee of the 13th National People's Congress and former deputy editor of the People's Daily, said in a speech, media integration and transformation. Upgrade has become the mainstream of the times. How to seize opportunities, respond to challenges, and continue to give play to their respective advantages in industrial integration and innovation, and put forward two suggestions: First, we must adhere to technology leadership and explore the Chinese path. Mainstream media and industry head enterprises should play a leading role in technological innovation, strengthen technical support, and actively use new technologies such as big data mining, information visualization, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to integrate into all aspects of product development. Let the industrial production catch up with the technology innovation express train and explore practical and feasible industrial integration paths and programs with Chinese characteristics. The second is to focus on the integration and upgrade to achieve high quality development.