Fang Weiwei of Beijing Jiaotong University: The core technology of blockchain needs to be improved, and document management is worthy of focus

At the 3rd Jiaxun Feihong 3rd Technology Forum, Fang Weiwei, an associate professor at the School of Computer and Information Technology of Beijing Jiaotong University, published a report entitled “Blockchain Technology and Industry Application” at the forum, saying that blockchain is an untrustworthy competition. A new type of computing paradigm and collaboration model that builds trust at low cost in the environment, and there is still room for improvement in technology. Chinese enterprises should speed up the construction of an independent blockchain technology system. At the same time, Fang Weiwei also said that the storage and management of documents is a problem that cannot be avoided in the future. At present, the mainstream blockchain system mainly stores data, and how files are stored and managed in the blockchain system, that is to say, the distributed file system is also a very promising layout direction. With the internal driving force of technology itself and the promotion of national policies, the field of blockchain empowerment will continue to expand, and the application of landing will continue to increase. From the perspective of supervision, it is necessary to prevent the recurrence of malicious attacks in the early stage of Internet development.