Director of the Sichuan Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration: Rationally treat the blockchain and use practice to prove the social effects of financial technology

Ouyang Zehua, director of the Sichuan Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration, said that after experiencing the omnipotence of nanotechnology propaganda in the 1990s, I would like to see if P2P is over-promoted under the influence of the Internet. I don’t want the blockchain to repeat yesterday, we want Treat blockchains more rationally. First, we must strengthen cooperation with the academic session. “In terms of innovation in financial informatization, financial technology and internet finance, the blockchain is of great significance and may become a breakthrough and subversive core force after the Internet and big data, and become the last mile of financial innovation. Key technologies and tools. We must strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and constantly explore the transformation and upgrading of blockchain technology in various fields, and help the blockchain to break down."