CEO of Thunder Group: Thunder Group has applied for 95 patents in the blockchain field

On November 25th, the Economic Daily published the article "Resolving the widespread application of blockchains, and Chinese enterprises have mastered relevant core technologies." The article mentioned that in the actual application of blockchain technology, most organizations and enterprises often encounter three thresholds: First, the performance of blockchain can support large-scale application needs. The second is how to resolve the conflict between the privacy protection of the financial industry and the open and transparent nature of the blockchain. The third is how to solve the regulatory problems brought by blockchain point-to-point transactions. For these problems, China's blockchain technology has made breakthroughs. For example, the Thunderchain has created a homogeneous multi-chain architecture and an optimized consensus algorithm that can support millions of TPS and second-level confirmation, which is three orders of magnitude higher than the world's advanced level. At present, the industries covered by the fast chain application include dozens of fields such as copyright protection, medical care, traceability, and transportation. According to Chen Lei, CEO of Thunder Group, Thunder Group has applied for 95 patents in the blockchain field, ranking the top in the world.