Jiang Zhuoer: The list of people in the currency circle is not like the official outflow, more like the fake news that the Air Force uses panic to smash.

Last night, the currency circle circulated a list of widely spread industry figures. Laibit mine pool Jiang Zall said that the list feels like a fake: 1. There is a wrong name, for example, Qian Dejun wrote the army, the official list is almost impossible to write the wrong name. 2. The background explained in the background is too fast. I don’t know a lot of people in it. I have to organize the whole background. It doesn’t take a few hours to make it… so it looks more like it’s made. Fake news of panic. List a list first, then issue a background explanation to further cause panic. In addition, this shows that the Air Force has reached the end of the tough, the normal news can not move, can only rely on fraudulent news, and everyone is careful not to be cheated at the bottom, it would be too bad.