Panic is not yet fermented, keep watching

Regulatory policies have emerged in an endless stream. BTC has successfully fallen below the threshold of US$ 7,000. The market is sluggish. The focus of this regulation is on the exchanges. Indeed, under the strong supervision policy throughout the year, new projects have been significantly reduced, but this is At the same time, there are a lot of exchanges. These exchanges are generally small in scale. By smashing some garbage coins on the line, they will crack down on these transactions and all will benefit the environment of the purification circle, so that the truly valuable things are respected. This time, the supervision is expected to have some old exchanges closed down, especially those exchanges that do not know how to converge. Take advantage of this time to take a good look at the exchanges you use. Once a run occurs, you lose yourself. This time there will be a large number of air, mode, garbage projects collapsed or even arrested, to fully realize the risks, the gentleman does not stand under the wall, don't wait until the end to cry.


As the market's vane, BTC has hit a new low since the rebound. This is a very dangerous signal. In fact, the recent decline of several Yinxian lines is heavy. It is estimated that the funds that entered the market are now leaving in batches. Now It seems that the funds that had entered the market have chosen to leave the market. The short-term averages have formed a short position, which has formed certain pressure on the price of the currency. The downward trend has been basically clear. Recently, the risk has been indicated. Not fully fermented, there are potential negatives behind, so I personally still have a wait-and-see attitude, even if there is a rebound, I am afraid that the intensity will not be too great.


The view on ETH has not changed. Yesterday, the BTC has experienced a sharp decline. The volume has been enlarged. It has already fallen below the important support level of US$150 given before. The three hits will be verified again and the downtrend has already formed. It is expected that the box will be turned down. The support of the lower box is around $100. There will be repeated periods, but it is not suitable for long-term maintenance.

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