The data shows that the platform coins have fallen collectively and the market has not stabilized.

At 8:00 on November 25th, Beijing time, the ChaiNext 100 index, which reflects the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, reported 612.95 points, down 7.43% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of 56.141 billion US dollars. The turnover increased by 20.50% compared with the previous 24 hours. Three of them rose and 97 fell; the ChaiNext 5 index, which reflects the performance of the blue-chip cryptocurrency, reported 538.22 points, down 6.95% in the past 24 hours, turnover was $47.38 billion, and turnover increased by 25.61% over the previous 24 hours; Bitcoin Bubble Index ( The BBI Index was reported at 76.07 points, down 1.72% in the past 24 hours; the USDT OTC Index was at 100.35 points, up 0.24% in the past 24 hours. In the early hours of the morning, after a weak rebound on the weekend, the BTC failed to stabilize and fell below $7,000 again. Although the mainstream currency has fallen, it has fallen less than BTC or flat. Due to the well-known regulatory reasons, the platform falls, the average decline of the first-line platform coins is more than 10%, and the second- and third-line platform coins are flying down three thousand feet. The market is currently sitting on a needle felt, like the sword of Damocles hanging over the head, before the policy has not yet landed, the price is difficult to get out of the stage bottom.