The report shows that the game Gods Unchained is the largest application in the Ethereum chain, more than 10 times more than the second USDT

According to a report on the data analysis platform Alethio, after the launch of the trading market function last week based on Ethereum's game Gods Unchained, the chain transaction data has far surpassed the second-ranked USDT. This is a card game that uses the concept of non-homogeneous token (NFT). Users can filter cards, create card combinations or engage with other users through the trading market. Last week, Gods Unchained generated 6 million new NFT tokens in the Ethereum network. So last week's Ethereum network, Gods Unchained's card trading generated the chain trading behavior of the Ethereum network's highest application, more than 7 million times, the second application is the stable currency project Tether issued in Ethereum The ERC 20 version of the USDT in the network has a total of 600,000 transfers, less than one-twelfth of Gods Unchained.