The Blockchainer wins strategic investment from Golden Phoenix and strives to create a blockchain industry innovation platform

Today, The Blockchainer announced that it has received a strategic investment from Golden Phoenix.

It is reported that this is the third external institutional investment since the two rounds of JRR and OGC equity financing in July 2018 and December 2018.

Previously, blockchain business information decision-making agency The Blockchainer in Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Seoul, Hong Kong and other places, with its boutique investment banking brand JC Capital Jieyu Capital, JC Venture Jieyi Venture Capital and blockchain talent service channel ChainHunter Gan Han headhunting, together with the early organization of the blockchain industry, provides industry acceleration and incubation for “finding money to find people to find directions”.

Jiangxi Jinhuanghuang Culture Industry Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Golden Phoenix (Hong Kong) Investment Group, cooperated with Fuzhou High-tech Development Zone Government Cooperation Cultural Industry Park only for 2017-2019. The three-year operating income exceeded RMB 14 billion, three years. With a total tax payment of more than 860 million yuan, the advertising media platform has been established in 116 enterprises of various types, including 22 wholly-owned subsidiaries of listed companies.

In response to the national call and policy guidelines, Golden Phoenix will work with The Blockchainer to upgrade, expand and build a blockchain industry innovation platform to promote the integration of industry and blockchain.