The data shows that the mainstream miner S9 is at the shutdown price, and currently there are 6 bitcoin mining machines at the shutdown price.

F2pool's latest data shows that based on the current difficulty of mining the entire network of Bitcoin, the electricity price is 0.38 yuan / kWh, there are Shenma M3 (¥83085), Avalon A741 (¥75260), Wings E9+ (¥69274), ants T9+ (¥65155), Avalon A821 (¥49851), and Ant S9 (¥47774) 6 bitcoin mining machines are at the shutdown price. In addition, at present, there are three types of Wright coin mining machines that have reached the shutdown price, namely ant L3+++ (¥373), ant L3+ (¥365) and Pansi ✖6 (¥310).