The total transaction volume of the Ethereum DEX project in the past week totaled US$58.05 million.

According to DEX special page data: As of now, the 17 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network have recorded a total of 406,840 ETHs in the last week, totaling 58,054,905 US dollars. Overall, the number of active users in the past week was ranked as the largest number of active users: Uniswap (5,686), IDEX (5,471), Kyber (3,944), Eth2dai (1,678), Bancor (1,538) According to the user transaction amount, the largest DEX projects are: Uniswap (131, 683 ETH), Eth2dai (102, 192 ETH), Kyber (84, 114 ETH), Tokenlon (25, 937 ETH), Radar Relay (20, 771 ETH).