BOSCore AMA: Building a chain application that is useful to users will be the direction of BOSCore's next phase of efforts

On November 25, 2019, BOSCore co-founder Winlin participated in the AMA event of the ChainNode Forum. The number of community users participated in many, and the classic and sharp questions were numerous. Winlin gave a careful answer to BOS's failure to activate airdrop token burning proposals, DPoS public chain project prospects, BOSCore project highlights, how the blockchain can become a hydropower coal-level infrastructure and how to empower BOSCore ecological development. It is clearly pointed out that the useful application of chain construction for users will be the direction of BOSCore's next phase of efforts.
BOSCore is committed to using technology to build a credible business ecosystem, to be a DPoS public chain covering one billion users, to achieve the DBOS consensus to centralize the IBC cross-chain program, to achieve a three-second transaction can not be falsified the speed of consensus, build a complete game A positively motivated commercial oracle system.