More than the original chain MOV test network online

On November 25th, the original chain MOV test network went online globally. MOV is a decentralized cross-chain value exchange protocol based on Bystack's main sidechain architecture. As a value exchange engine under the MOV protocol, the magnetic contract responds to the requests of the full-chain users through the Vapor side chain, thereby realizing high TPS while ensuring high TPS. Concurrent exchange of assets greatly expands the depth of transactions and exchange efficiency, and realizes the transfer and transaction.

The module that went online mainly includes the core switching logic under the MOV protocol. At that time, we will open some APIs related to the exchange function. Developers can submit exchange requests to Vapor by calling the API. All requests from users will be exchanged through the magnetic contract.

In order to make it easier for users to experience the basic trading functions of the test network, we have provided a novice tutorial for everyone to learn:

Small partners who participate in the test and provide us with assessments and bugs will receive different gifts and other surprises than the original ones!