Exclusive | FT rose nearly 10 times in the year, investors are running next, what does the Fractal public chain want to do?

On April 22, the Consensus Laboratories officially announced that Zhu Xi, the vice president of the company, will be appointed as the FCoin Ecology Leader. The FCoin Ecology will be built around the Fractal public chain, with FCoin's restructuring and upgrade as the starting point, re-emphasizing in the field of digital asset trading and the pass economy.

The Consensus Lab's Consensus Industry Alliance Fund completed a phased investment in FCoin (FT) on April 5. The Consensus Industry Alliance Fund was founded by Consensus Lab and Wang Feng, founder of Mars Finance. Wang Feng said in a circle of friends: "I have a deep chat with Zhang Jian, I believe that the team after this experience will be stronger."

Whether the team will be stronger or not remains to be seen, but FT has clearly strengthened, and its price has increased nearly 10 times this year. After the announcement, the FT has risen and the daily increase has exceeded 12%.


The Fractal public chain is expected to be launched in June. Its primary purpose is to bring the FCoin community's current practice of the CIS economy to the chain. As you can see from Fractal's forthcoming article, it focuses on a series of transformations to the asset creation process, including support for the multi-asset structure of the original account, equalization of other assets under the account with FT; support for asset mapping; and innovation of agreement assets for Support multiple asset types; support complex asset structures through sub-assets; support chain snapshots; change the fee allocation mechanism to allow token issuers and contract providers to generate revenue.

Babbitt: Why is Zhang Jian, the boss of such a big thing, not coming out? How big is his voice in fcoin?

Zhu Xi: "The recent FCoin main online line, all work Zhang Jian has to participate, but before there is no actual results, Zhang Jian is not willing to talk too much with the outside world, so as not to cause unnecessary controversy, and ultimately hope to speak with results. ""

Babbitt: Investors are not common in the next operation. Why does the consensus lab do this?

Zhu Xi: "I actually had deep operational experience before, not just a simple investor. The reason for personally participating in the operation is that in this process, we can better grasp the dynamics of the industry development and make the investment effect better. In order to facilitate resource sharing and post-investment management, investment institutions have deployed management personnel to assist in the development of the project. This is also common in the traditional investment circle and the Internet circle. The consensus is optimistic about this track and the future of fcoin. Consensus will be sent to participate, and more will participate in the ecology of ftoken, not the operation of the exchange."

Babbitt: What is the Fractal public chain specifically referring to the fcoin community's general economic practice? What lessons have you learned in the past? What is the future scene?

Zhu Xi: "The outside world has seen FCoin's ups and downs last year, but Zhang Jian's thoughts and practices on the general economy have never stopped. For example, the Fractal public chain's asset mapping mechanism can easily map other digital assets and real assets to Fractal. For example, real estate can also be used to map assets according to various conditions such as time, area, etc., so that real assets can be certified."