Beam officially launches the Beam Foundation and holds 20% of Treasury funds

The privacy coin Beam announced today the official launch of the Beam Foundation, which is registered as a limited company in Singapore. The Foundation was originally managed by up to seven board members, and currently identified members include DAG Labs co-founder Guy Corem, encryption industry liquidity provider Altonomy founder and CEO Bo Dong, Canada's largest bitcoin OTC broker YapCX Ferdous Bhai and mathematician Wilke Trei are currently actively looking for another three members to join the board, and Beam Chief Operating Officer Amir Aaronson will be the chief operating officer of the Beam Foundation, responsible for operations. According to the token issuance program, the Beam Foundation holds 20% of Treasury funds, which means 4% of the total tokens issued in the first five years of the agreement, which is about 6,307,200 Beam tokens. The foundation's governance will be carried out by the board of directors, and in the future it will be more decentralized by creating a governance organization similar to DAO.