Nobel Prize-winning economist Pizarides: If Facebook dominates Libra, the power is greater than the US president

According to the news, Sir Christopher Pissarides, a Nobel laureate in economics, said in an interview during the Chengdu Financial Technology Forum that we will eventually move towards a world of “embrace” digital currency. Looking at it now, the number of digital transactions is also increasing. But before the digital currency really becomes a reality, you may want to pay attention to the following questions: First, who is the endorser of this digital currency; secondly, it needs a good control and supervision system to supervise fraud and false currency; Price the currency and control the circulation of the currency. For the recent Facebook (Facebook) Libra, he also said: "We use the US dollar or the euro because their central bank is credible. Facebook is a big company, the influence is great, but it is not Trust. For example, they use data, but they can't control fake news. So the US central bank and the Senate are worried that Facebook is a company that is completely independent of the political system. Once they successfully dominate the Libra, they will be given financial and monetary policies. With too much power, Facebook may be more powerful than the US president. Now many small companies are also issuing small currencies, and the controls are relatively small, because these scales are too small to be climate."