Ling listening 2020: the first time in the New Year's speech talks about the sense of certainty, chaos is not the abyss is the ladder

From the beginning of the first season, "Game of Thrones" has depicted seven families including Lannister, Tangerian, and Stark. In order to compete for the symbol of power, the Iron Throne has been fighting for years, which is full of killing and plundering. The tactics, which made the medieval Europe in chaos.

The "Little Finger" of one of the heroes of the story is very excited. What he experienced and seen, the seven countries have fallen into the pattern of the successive years of war, which is exactly what he expected in the early days of chaos.

Whenever a world is first opened, it will face various uncertainties.

What changes are happening in the blockchain industry we are in now? What kind of era is going to be going? We are explorers, and we are more persistent and look forward to more witnesses.

This year, we decided to hold the world's first blockchain inter-annual speech – Ling listening 2020. The theme is: "Determining the sense – finding a fulcrum in chaos" .

1 rough sea, lightning and thunder, we are facing various uncertainties

Looking at the long scroll of history, the year of 2019 is still worthy of being told.

In this year, Tencent Blockchain has 10 million blockchain electronic invoices available;

This year, the ant blockchain has landed more than 40 scenes; the “National Hot Chain” program is expected to open blockchain capabilities to global developers and institutional customers, allowing them to directly touch the chain.

The technology continues to be popularized, and the application landing scenes are also emerging.

However, the successive rectification notices and regulatory hearings have made us see that the industry is not always smooth.

On June 18th, Facebook launched Libra, which has the potential to become a financial infrastructure that serves billions of people.

However, in less than a month, Marcus, one of the Libra project sponsors, accepted a two-and-a-half-hour "torture" by the US Congress;

In the past two weeks, the Shanghai Financial Stability Joint Office and the People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters Mutual Gold Rehabilitation Office jointly issued a notice: “The Risk Warning on Preventing the Illegal Activities of “Virtual Money””. Immediately afterwards, the Shenzhen Mujin Remediation Office once again issued a document saying that it will carry out the rectification of virtual currency trading venues and crack down on illegal activities such as virtual currency transactions.

The blockchain industry is just like a raging sea surface. It looks like a starlight, a distant lightning and thunder, and a chaotic period in the industry. We are faced with various uncertainties.

How can we be self- sufficient in this state of certainty and uncertainty ?

2 firm eyes, block chain helmsman, I will give you a forward-looking belief

This is like a great maritime voyage for human beings. You know that there is a new continent in front of you. You know that you will experience great waves.

But you still need a compass, a fulcrum that allows you to go to the mainland.

Some people say that blockchain is an interesting industry, and smart people all over the world have come to this industry. Today, there are already 6 Turing Award winners who have been involved in blockchain entrepreneurship. More data shows that as of October 2019, 16 Nobel Prize winners are concerned about the blockchain, of which 7 have already Investing in love.

Some people say that the blockchain industry is very large, and there will be $5 trillion in companies. Xiao Feng, chairman of the Wanxiang blockchain, once said in a share that the Internet has a $1 trillion market capitalization company, Apple, because the blockchain has extremely high commercial scalability, and Internet companies serve 1 billion people. The blockchain can serve 5 billion.

On the evening of the 21st, the first block of the blockchain, Jia Nanzhi, landed on the US Nasdaq. The blockchain industry has received attention and recognition from the traditional securities market.

The helm of the blockchain, excited and lost, this may be a microcosm of today's blockchain world.

Those advancing stories should always be reminiscent of the year-end.

3 Welcome, the explorer of the blockchain industry What you want is actually a "determination"

A month ago, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted collective learning on the blockchain. The blockchain technology went from the edge to the core for the first time and became a high-tech technology supported by the policy. Three days later, Huang Qifan, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said The People's Bank of China is likely to be the first central bank in the world to launch digital currency based on blockchain technology. DCEP is ready to go.

We are proud of what we are doing and we are doing technological innovation.

However, in June of this year, PlusToken was characterized as a pyramid scheme, and its main suspect was arrested and brought to justice. As of November, a number of virtual currency exchanges have been closed nationwide, and a large number of people have been sued. For a time, the wind screamed.

We should doubt whether the belief is still the same.

"Finding a fulcrum in chaos" is a supplement to the theme of "certainty" and it is also a feeling of empathy for you.

At this moment, I once again recalled Petit in Game of Thrones. At the end of the story, he failed to become a hero in troubled times and sat on the Iron Throne, but he still believed in his failure:

"Chaos is not an abyss, it is a ladder."

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Determining the sense – looking for a fulcrum in chaos

Time 20:00-23:00, December 27, 2019

Location Hangzhou Hangzhou Canal Culture and Art Center

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