Academician Chen Chun: We must strive for the initiative in the development of blockchain technology and vigorously develop a domestically controlled blockchain technology platform

On November 26, People's Daily published an article by Academician Chen Chun, "New Motive Forces for Technological Innovation and Industrial Transformation," introducing relevant knowledge and applications of blockchain technology, hoping to help readers understand the pulse of science and technology and gain cutting-edge new knowledge. In the future, blockchain has a long way to go in terms of technology research, industrial applications, and regulatory services. We must strive for the initiative in the development of blockchain technology, especially to achieve breakthroughs in the core technology of the alliance chain with high performance, security privacy, high availability and high scalability, and vigorously develop domestically controlled blockchain technology platforms that are self-controllable. In terms of the development and deployment of the blockchain system, it fully reflects Chinese characteristics, rather than being completely based on foreign open source platforms. Now that everyone is interested in blockchain, there is a need for understanding, which is a good thing. The introduction of related technologies and the popularization of knowledge are particularly important. In this regard, professional books and popular science books should cooperate with each other to meet the reading needs at different levels.