Celsius Network CEO: Bitcoin is not the ultimate winner, the ultimate winner of the blockchain has not yet appeared

In a recent interview with Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky, he was asked "What are the biggest obstacles to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption?" "Most of the solutions we offer today are neither applicable nor relevant to 7.5 billion people worldwide. We need a killer app that looks and feels like the app we use today , But runs on a blockchain that everyone is using. I think 7.5 billion people do need interest income on deposits, which is why we are paying attention to it as a killer app. ”Mashinsky also said that the winner in the end Blockchain is not BTC, it has not been invented yet. "I believe that Bitcoin will be one of the winners, and it will definitely be a long-term value storage method, but due to its legacy and speed issues, its blockchain network will not be widely adopted by billions of people. Winner Block The chain will need to address the financial needs of 7.5 billion people on the planet. It needs to be fast and secure to win the trust of most people in the world. "