Beijing News: The country has a systematic plan for digital currencies, and the entry of the "regular army" into the market can squeeze out digital currency from the market

On November 26, the Beijing News published a commentary article "The return of virtual currency cannot make the blockchain a hi-tech scam." The article stated that if the myth of richness becomes the focus of the market, the public will have serious problems with the blockchain. Misreading, the technical innovation value of the blockchain itself will also be dissipated, which will seriously disrupt the order of market development. Of course, the rectification of relevant departments is of course necessary. On the one hand, the state has increased the cleanup and rectification of the virtual currency market, and on the other hand, it is also advancing the exploration of digital currencies. In particular, the recent “digital RMB” has continued to be the case. There are already system plans on it. Perhaps the entry of the "regular army" could squeeze out the digital currency of the cottage.