21 Finance: There is still a long way to go to stop the resurgence of virtual currency speculation

On November 26, the 21 financial and economics article "Illegal speculative coin resurgence rekindled the" routine "and then used the fire to remove chestnuts." The article pointed out that with the relevant departments to strictly investigate and deal with illegal virtual currency speculation, the global bitcoin price should fall. However, many ICO projects are not reconciled. A number of people in the blockchain currency circle have revealed that many ICO projects registered overseas have gone underground, and continue to carry out project fund-raising publicity, diversion and customer acquisition, agent trading and other services through domestic intermediaries. There is still a long way to go to completely curb the resurgence of virtual currency speculation in the resurgent virtual currency: 1. To curb "sources" requires cross-border cooperation between relevant departments; 2. Many blockchain companies package ICO projects into high-yield securities investments The project raises funds in China or conducts overseas virtual currency asset matching transactions as an intermediary, which makes supervision more difficult.