People close to regulators: virtual currency-related chaos is generally controllable

On November 26th, an article in the Economic Daily article "Regulatory authorities reiterated the crackdown on currency speculation-" blockchain is not equal to virtual currency ". The article pointed out that a person close to the relevant regulatory authorities said that in terms of virtual currency rectification, early results have been relatively obvious, and various parties have also reached consensus, but because some criminals have re-established momentum with the name of "blockchain" Recently, the regulatory authorities have further introduced some measures to rectify the various chaotic phenomena that exist. The above person said, "The relevant situation is generally controllable. Regarding the" outbound "virtual currency trading venues, the supervisory authorities have carried out some technical processing, and at the same time required major payment institutions, including commercial banks, to strengthen inspection and cleanup from the payment settlement link. It again emphasized that there is no change in the current policy against virtual currencies and ICOs. Regarding the promotion and application of blockchain technology in the financial field, the person believes that there are certain potentials in two aspects, one is the commercial bank and the other is in the cross-border payment field.