Academician Chen Chun, People's Daily: China should vigorously develop domestically controlled blockchain technology platforms

On November 26, Academician Chen Chun stated in the People's Daily that from the current trend, the development of western blockchain technology focuses on public blockchains, and the focus of application and industrial development is mainly on financial innovation based on public blockchains. The focus of the development of chain technology is the autonomous and controllable alliance chain. The focus of application and industrial development is how the blockchain serves the industrial economy, government services, and social governance. Since this year, the alliance chain has been applied in many fields such as finance, law, medical treatment, energy, and public welfare in China. We must fully understand the core value of blockchain technology, actively explore and expand the application of blockchain technology in the fields of finance, people's livelihood, government affairs, and industrial manufacturing, and focus on analyzing the business pain points that blockchain technology can solve and in different scenarios. Under the applicability, we vigorously promote the development of the blockchain application industry, and strive to make the blockchain a new driving force for the development of the digital economy and an important support for the social credit system.