Li Jinbin, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee: Accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy of the blockchain and vigorously promote the blockchain

On the morning of November 25, the Theory Learning Center of Anhui Provincial Party Committee held a blockchain learning report. Provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin said that it is necessary to adhere to the "preemptive opportunities" and speed up the development of blockchain technology. It is necessary to unswervingly keep the innovation "hands first", give play to the supporting role of the "four one" innovation main platform and the "one room, one center" sub-platform, adhere to the blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, Focus on force and technological breakthroughs, and actively seize commanding heights. It is necessary to take the innovation and development of the blockchain industry as a major task, focus on the development of industrial cluster development and industrial ecological construction, and accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy. It is necessary to take the application of blockchain technology as a strategic traction, focus on multi-domain and multi-scenario applications, vigorously promote "blockchain +", and promote governance modernization.