Visit the country's first "Blockchain + Big Data + Education" project: What happens when education meets the blockchain?

Source: Hebei Daily , original title "When Education Meets" Blockchain "-The First National" Blockchain + Big Data + Education "Project, Visit to Langfang Educational Data Monitoring Platform"

Reporter Xie Li Huo Xiangbo Correspondent Du Minglei

"Data Drives Schools, Analyzes Education for Change." A few days ago, the nation's first "blockchain + big data + education" project and the construction of Langfang Educational Data Monitoring Platform successfully checked and accepted, providing a leading example for the construction and promotion of smart education driven by trusted data.

In recent years, the application of blockchain technology in various industries has become increasingly widespread. The education data monitoring platform project of Langfang City integrates big data and blockchain technology into education management, explores the mining data analysis and reuse of education data, and meets the actual needs of education management departments for supervision, monitoring, evaluation, and decision support. Improve the education and public service capacity of Langfang City. Currently, the platform is collecting and uploading relevant data of the city's education system, and it is expected to be officially put into use next year.

"At a glance which schools have what problems"

—— "Blockchain" technology helps intelligent management of education

At present, the integration of blockchain technology with finance and other fields is more common, and in the field of education, Langfang can be described as "one step ahead".

In October last year, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain Pilot Zone officially started construction in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Innovation Industrial Park in Langfang Development Zone. This is the nation's first big data education blockchain test area. It will use technology to promote the deep integration of blockchain technology with cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. The education data monitoring platform project in Langfang that passed the acceptance not long ago is an important application of educational blockchain products.

On November 12, in the just-built Langfang Educational Data Monitoring Platform display room, technicians are entering data for the system platform. This platform carries many functions such as the collection, monitoring, and analysis of education data, monitoring of high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, comprehensive evaluation of basic education, and quality monitoring of basic education.

"Information technology, as a disruptive force, is changing and reshaping the shapes of all walks of life. As a priority development education, we must conform to the trend of the digital age and the trend of the digital revolution, apply information technology well, and make education truly enter the modern development. Orbit, making it a source and driving force for talent training and technological innovation. "Dr. Xu Hongwei, Governor of Langfang City Government, said that from big cities to remote villages, information technology has been widely used in the field of education. The emergence of blockchain technology, It has created a good opportunity to promote the technological advancement of education towards intelligence.

On the education data monitoring platform of Langfang City, some education data of all counties (cities, districts) in the city have been loaded into it. The author opens the column of "Overview of Government Guarantee Level" in a balanced analysis of education quality. An intuitive bar chart clearly depicts the compliance of 15 evaluation items in each county (city, district) in 2019. "Is it because the teachers are not qualified, the school building is not enough, or the class size is too large? Which schools have any problems can be seen at a glance, and they can be automatically compared." Xu Hongwei said.

"We attach importance to the development of education, but how to accurately invest and scientifically promote the high-quality and balanced development of education in various places. In the past, there has been no precise basis. There are often repeated investments." Xu Hongwei said that with the help of blockchain technology, the monitoring platform Real-time record storage of monitoring plans, layout, class size, teacher training, and other monitoring programs can be performed in real time, and big data is automatically analyzed to find weak links and make targeted improvements to future work.

On the blockchain platform of the education data monitoring platform in Langfang, open the "Education Certification Information" module. A virtual teacher's personal information named "Ma Lizhao" is presented, including name, nationality, employment form, year and month of work, Specific information on professional and technical positions.

Different from the general system, the teacher's information has been “on the chain”. Based on the characteristics of the blockchain technology, he can clearly see the detailed record of the information he changed midway. "You see, any 'on-chain' information on the blockchain will leave traces, such as this teacher, birth date, political outlook, teacher qualification information modification, we can find the exact modification date and operator. "Xu Hongwei said.

In the field of education, databases are sometimes attacked, or data is tampered with or lost due to software or hardware failures or system administrators ’intentional or unintentional operations, which threatens personal privacy and data security, and makes it impossible for relevant government departments to grasp Real information. "The main characteristics of the blockchain are transparency, leaving traces and data cannot be tampered with." Wu Jing, technical supporter of the education data monitoring platform of Langfang Education Bureau, director of the IoT blockchain laboratory at Tsinghua University-Qingdao Big Data Engineering Research Center, Tsinghua University Just said that China is currently in the stage of transforming from educational technology to educational informationization, allowing AI products, supercomputing, big data and other technologies to enter the education field, and promoting the improvement of education quality.

"To form an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the child's growth process and make accurate portraits"

—— “Big data” promotes the transformation of education evaluation system

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain Pilot Zone, launched in October last year, consists of Beijing Tongzhou District, Tianjin Wuqing District, and Langfang Education Departments, in conjunction with China Language Intelligence Research Center, National Supercomputing Tianjin Center, and Runze Big Data Company And Tianwen Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched. After the establishment of the test area, the three education departments in Tongwulang will set up a big data platform to collect and record the student's learning growth trajectory data, establish students' personal learning growth files, and leave the most basic data for the establishment of integrity education and integrity society.

On the education data monitoring platform of Langfang, open the personal information of a certain student in a certain school, and a high school seniors list will detail the weekly test of each subject in the language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, etc Grades. Based on performance statistics, a conclusion was automatically analyzed: the student's dominant subjects were Chinese, mathematics, and English, and the disadvantaged subjects were geography and chemistry.

"We make full use of the trace and immutable features of blockchain technology. From the basic education stage, we have established growth files for each child. After the children have completed all the courses in the basic education stage, we can use the education statistics system to During the growth process, objective and comprehensive evaluations are made to make accurate portraits. "Xu Hongwei said that these evaluations not only include academic level, but also include moral education level, health status, specialty, integrity status, psychological development and so on.

In the process of education development in China, students and parents are faced with a dilemma: the first test is set for life, and the university's admission criteria for students are mostly college entrance examination scores. In the future, the construction of the education blockchain will reshape the education evaluation system and change the single situation of education content evaluation methods in the past.

Starting from the second half of 2017, the Langfang Education Bureau joined hands with the Runze Big Data Center and developed a quality monitoring system based on the test model of the International Student Assessment Project (PISA). "The quantitative evaluation data of the five major aspects of moral education, physical education, and labor can be accurately analyzed in the system to provide students with suggestions for capacity development." Xu Hongwei told the author that in the future college admissions, colleges and universities can be based on comprehensive evaluation reports of students' education and accurate. Set majors and put students in the most suitable majors.

"At present, China's education informatization generally has problems that need to be solved, such as formations and data islands. Blockchain technology will bring greater imagination to education." Construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain Pilot Area One of the units, Tianwen Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd., introduced to Jiang Jiang that in the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain Pilot Zone launched by Langfang, 12 blocks will be set up in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Education Grade Group. The principal, teacher, and student are all in their own blocks, and the blocks are connected to each other.

Under the current education system, obstacles exist in sharing educational resources in different regions. "For example, teachers' original achievements are not easy to be protected by intellectual property rights, and the enthusiasm for sharing is not high." Xu Hongwei said that using blockchain technology can completely solve this problem. As long as the teacher's original results are "on the chain", they can be permanently Keep marks, guarantee copyright, anyone pays for use.

"The characteristics of the transparency of the blockchain system and the immutability of data are completely applicable to the aspects of student credit management, further education and employment, qualification certification, industry-academia cooperation, etc., and are of great value to the healthy development of education and employment." Xu Hongwei said, The application value and ideas of blockchain technology in education are mainly reflected in the establishment of individual academic credit big data, the creation of an intelligent education Taobao platform, the development of a degree certificate system, the establishment of a new ecology of open education resources, the realization of self-organized operation of online learning communities, and Develop a decentralized education system and other fields, and use the blockchain technology to transform the education evaluation system while promoting the construction of a social integrity system.