Btuex decides to cease operations immediately and will only open to overseas users in the future

The Btuex Perpetual Contract Trading Platform issued an announcement saying that in response to the Chinese government's call for "no digital currency transactions to Chinese users" policy, the Btuex team decided to stop operations immediately and only open to overseas users in the future. The mainland user group will no longer provide Product services, product operators have laid out new market development directions.
The handling methods include: 1. It is forbidden to open positions after the announcement is issued. It is limited to closing the positions before 23:59 on November 26th, and all positions will be forcibly closed (27th). 2. The user's effective asset limit shall be submitted within T + 2 (November 25 to November 27), and then (28) will no longer handle asset transfers. The Btuex operations team will fully assist users in transferring assets.