Base of Anhui Academy of Social Sciences: Basic research needs to be strengthened to promote the development of the Anhui blockchain industry

Anhui Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Research Center for the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, published an article "Blockchain Technology to Promote Anhui Industrial Innovation". The article mentioned that although Anhui has a strong scientific and technological innovation foundation and talents, and has a good accumulation of blockchain-related technologies and industries such as consensus algorithms and artificial intelligence, it has a large gap with Beijing, Guangdong and other places. The industry has just begun. To promote the innovation and development of Anhui industry with the blockchain, we must do the following: 1. Strengthen basic research and promote breakthroughs in independent innovation. 2. Increase attention and strengthen policy support. 3. Build three platforms to promote multi-dimensional applications. 4. Strengthen the industry and participate in the formulation of international standards. 5. Implement the blockchain + strategy to create an innovative growth pole. 6. Implement guidance norms to create a depression for blockchain applications.