Industrial Bank: Has established a blockchain technology application development and incubation team to create multiple blockchain financial products

Industrial Bank (601166), the secretary of the board of directors, said in an interactive platform that he answered investors ’questions. Our bank started exploring blockchain technology earlier. In 2016, the Bank was keenly aware of the inherent value and transformation opportunities of blockchain technology, and established a research group on blockchain technology and carried out technical work such as blockchain technology research and prototype development. In 2018, the Bank incorporated blockchain technology into one of the eight major technological directions of the key layout, and strived to promote blockchain technology to enable business scenarios. At present, our bank has established a blockchain technology application development and incubation team, focusing on building six major financial technology service platforms such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence, and promoting blockchain technology in digital depository and supply chain finance. Wait for the business scenarios to land, and create blockchain financial products such as the "E-Tianjian" electronic contract cloud service platform and Guangzhou's first blockchain electronic invoice service platform for the financial industry.