Hefei Intermediate People's Court joins the judicial chain of the Yangtze River Delta to promote the construction of a modern litigation service system

Hefei Intermediate People's Court has introduced Alipay's ant blockchain technology and joined the Yangtze River Delta judicial chain to create a judicial-level trust mechanism with full process records, full link credibility, and full node witness, and has prosecution, mediation, case filing, service, The key links that influence the quality of trials and the credibility of justice, such as proof of evidence, court trials, judgments, and enforcement, are stamped with the "stamp" of the blockchain.
It is understood that these "stamps" contain key information such as trusted time, trusted identity, trusted process, trusted environment, etc., and broadcast to all nodes in the blockchain in real time, leaving traces throughout the process, being safe and controllable, and cannot be tampered with. Can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of disputes.