Data: BTC's 30-day ROI performance is inferior to other mainstream currencies, and the time required to produce blocks is longer

According to TokenGazer data analysis: As of 17:00, November 26, BTC quoted $ 7139.54, with a market value of $ 129,176.65M; Affected by market fluctuations, 24H BTC trading volume on mainstream exchanges was about $ 699.71M, a 14.59% increase from yesterday; BTC was active The number of addresses continued to increase, the transaction volume on the chain rebounded slightly, and the block production time was extended to approximately 13.1 minutes. The market share of BTC remained stable, currently about 66.33%; the 30-day ROI of BTC continued to decline, which was not as good as that of other mainstream currencies. ;
According to TokenGazer's official website data, the upward trend of the BTC sentiment moving average has slowed down; in terms of futures, the number of bitcoin contracts held by Huobi and OKEx has decreased; the number of short and long bitcoin in OKEx is between 0.83-1.03, and long and short Position ratios are 20.2%; on the exchange side, BTC / USD Coinbase maintains a negative premium on BTC / USD Bitfinex within the day. The premium is small, and there is risk in entering the market. Investment needs to be cautious.