Analysis: Official media reports on blockchain have shifted from popular science propaganda to anti-counterfeiting supervision

According to a statistic in early November, seven party media released 65 directly related reports within one week of the New Deal. At that time, the keywords in the article were data, industry, security, innovation, etc. A large number of articles were biased towards the concept of science popular blockchain As well as application introductions, there are only three articles reminding to be wary of virtual currency hype. Recently, the focus of official media criticism has been directed at virtual currency issuance and hype under the name of blockchain. According to statistics, and have reproduced articles on the theme of cracking down on virtual currencies or exposing fraudulent use of blockchain. There were 28 articles in the afternoon from October 25 to November 25; of which, November 19 In the week from November to November 25, there were as many as 15 articles. These articles focus on three perspectives: clarify the relationship between blockchain and virtual currency, and explain that the concepts are not the same; fight against fake "blockchain" scams, or expose the virtual currency scam; remind the public that blockchain cannot become The gimmicks of speculation are not the sign of deception. We need to be alert to such activities and invest rationally.