Chain Node Live Broadcast Room | COO Hu Jing: Individual miners need to make hedging risk strategies in advance before halving

At 19 o'clock tonight, in the live broadcast of mining-themed chain nodes, Hu Jing, COO said that halving the Bitcoin block will have a certain degree of impact on the mining circle, but it is also an opportunity. If it goes well, Bitcoin is expected to The next block reward will be halved in May 2020. She also pointed out that individual miners need to make hedging risk strategies in advance, such as electricity fee hedging and investment return assessment; meanwhile, the mining pool will also make operational adjustments for halving. During this halving process, small and medium computing power mining machines may be eliminated because of this, but with the adjustment of policies and the entry of large computing power, many friends of miners will choose to lay out in the trough. So it is a challenge and an opportunity for the entire industry. But as far as currency prices are concerned, she said that taking into account some factors of the market and policy, it should be difficult to see the previous increase this time.