Zheshang Bank promotes blockchain technology, five service platforms are filed

According to Qianjiang Evening News, Zheshang Bank took the lead in the deployment of fintech and has widely applied blockchain technology to various financial services such as companies, retail and financial markets. Public information shows that since the "Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services" was formally implemented in early 2019, Zheshang Bank has five blockchain services, including the receivables chain platform, warehouse receipts platform, personal financial transfer platform, and beneficial platform The platform obtained the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers issued by the relevant national network information departments. Zheshang Bank (601916) was listed on the A-share market today. It rose 0.2% at the beginning of the trading session and broke the stock once. The lowest price reached 4.88 yuan and fell below the issue price of 4.94 yuan per share. Then the stock price quickly rose, reporting 10.32%, triggering a temporary stop.