The Fujian Provincial People's Government issued a notice to replicate the reform and innovation achievements of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, including the "multi-code fusion" innovative application based on blockchain technology

According to the portal website of the Fujian Provincial People's Government, on November 26, the Fujian Provincial People's Government issued a notice on the promotion of the seventh batch of replicable innovations in the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone. The notice pointed out that in order to further implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and further give full play to the leading role of the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone in adhering to high-quality development and implementing catch-up, the research has determined Seven batches of 20 reform and innovation achievements were replicated and promoted in the province. The copied content includes innovative applications of "multi-code fusion" based on blockchain technology. Construction of an innovative application platform based on blockchain technology, combining "electronic health card (code), medical insurance settlement code, and two-dimensional code for financial payment" into one code. The visitor only needs to hold the two-dimensional code on the mobile phone to register , File creation, appointment, diagnosis, treatment, settlement, deduction, inspection, inspection, medication, report report and other cardless consultation procedures. Through real-name authentication, face verification, and GPS positioning technology, real-name, real-person, and on-site medical insurance settlement is implemented.