Director of Tsinghua x-lab Blockchain Lab: Blockchain talents can be divided into bottom-level supply chain talents and application development talents

According to the Beijing News, recently, Xia Li, director of the Tsinghua x-lab Blockchain Lab, said in an interview that the professional background of blockchain technology professionals is mainly computer related disciplines. In fact, from a technical perspective, blockchain talents can be divided into two categories, one is the underlying supply chain talents (the core platform technology development of the technology platform), and the other is the application development talents. "If there is a special training channel, it may be difficult, because at this stage it is mainly self-learning." He also pointed out that blockchain technology is an application technology and has broad application prospects in the financial industry, manufacturing, and government management. Therefore, it is also necessary to have consulting professionals with specific industry experience and blockchain-related knowledge, and control specific The project manager of the landing and output of the project and the theoretical research talents.