Securities Daily: fintech innovation must set rules, beware of blockchain's P2P "old road"

On November 27, the Securities Daily published an article "Fintech Innovation Must Set Rules and Beware of Blockchain's P2P" Old Way ". The article said that the current attitudes of various circles towards the blockchain are similar to the previous P2P. No matter what type of enterprise, it seems that they can be related to the blockchain. Blockchain, like P2P, was originally designed to serve the real economy, but the latter has grown savagely under the impact of capital, and eventually developed into one of the risk points in the financial field. Therefore, at the beginning of the development of the blockchain, especially "blockchain + finance", it is necessary to establish rules and formulate development plans so that it can become the "guardian god" of the real economy, and must not set foot on the P2P mistake. The development of a good "blockchain + finance" industry must combine the characteristics of China's financial market and carry out financial business, product, process and model innovation under the premise of legal compliance, so as to ensure that technological innovation business is improving financial service entities. Economic efficiency while regulating development. This is the basic path for the steady development of fintech innovation.