Professor at Harvard University: Digital currencies are about a country's ability to monitor and tax its economy in general

On November 26, reference news quoted the French "Echo" website report, Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics and public policy at Harvard University and former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, entitled "The battle for digital currencies must be The article "Outbreak" states that if a digital currency is regulated by the United States, the US authorities can generally trace it. Conversely, if this digital currency is managed by China, the United States may have much less available. Global regulators have strictly banned the use of cryptocurrencies by banks and the retail industry for their motivation to control them. These restrictions have resulted in extremely low liquidity of existing cryptocurrencies, and ultimately greatly limited their fundamental intrinsic value. The battle of digital currency involves not only the profit brought by the establishment of currency. In the final analysis, it is related to the country's ability to monitor and tax the economy in general, and the US government's use of the role of the US dollar on the world stage to advance its Capacity for international policy goals.