Data: Philippine and Malaysian BTC P2P transaction volume soared in the past week

There are still traders in the Asian market that BTC is currently at its lowest level. According to a report from crypto market data provider Coindance, BTC P2P transactions have soared recently in Malaysia and the Philippines. Traders on the peer-to-peer trading platform Paxful have experienced huge peaks in BTC trading volume in the past week. Growth in the Philippines is particularly prominent, and last week coincided with a six-month low for Bitcoin. The report pointed out that the total number of BTC changed in the country has jumped from Philippine pesos of 291837 the previous week to 1221,000 pesos, which is the highest transaction volume in the Philippines' history. The report also stated that "Malaysia's trading volume in the past week was also significantly higher than in the previous week. The exchange value of Bitcoin in the previous week was 149,724 Malaysian ringgits, compared to 157,615 Malaysian ringgits in the week of November 23." The country BTC holders continue to grow steadily, which also represents Paxful's record high in Malaysia (ATH).