Special Researcher of China Logistics Association: Blockchain technology should accelerate "pathfinder" application in railway field

Xie Xiaowen, an expert member of the New Technology Branch of the China Communications and Transportation Association and a special researcher of the China Logistics Association, published a "Blockchain to help railway logistics go to the high ground". The article states that railway transportation has natural advantages in the entire national economy and the transportation industry. Blockchain technology should accelerate the application of "pathfinder" in the railway field, promote the higher quality development of railway logistics, and better promote the realization of the strategic goal of a strong country in transportation. For Chinese railways, blockchain technology is exactly the best strategic weapon for railway transformation. In terms of security management, quality control, modern logistics, and organizational optimization, if blockchain technology and thinking modes are introduced, research and application are expected, it is expected that Help deepen railway reforms and promote higher quality development of railways. The application of blockchain technology is expected to help solve some of the problems in railway reform and development that have seemed unsolved for many years.