The data shows that the BTC network produced an average of about 147.64 blocks per day in the past year.

The operating speed of the Bitcoin network has exceeded expectations for most of this year, resulting in a significant increase in Bitcoin issuance. Miners should have been mining 144 blocks per day, but in the past year, an average of 147.64 blocks have been mined per day. This is equivalent to an increase of about 50 bitcoins per day, a total of about 18,250 additional bitcoins, and a current value of about $ 132 million. According to data, in the past 365 days, 52,560 blocks are expected to be mined, and 53,889 blocks are actually mined. One of the reasons for the drop in Bitcoin price may be that inflation has been higher than expected. Although accounting for only a small portion of the total inflation rate, but increasing supply by more than $ 100 million, miners may have started selling bitcoins instead of holding them.