Babbitt Morning Shuttle | Overnight Highlights at a Glance

1. Zhejiang Commercial Bank promoted blockchain technology, and five service platforms were registered.
2. Bitcoin ATM company Bitstop announced cooperation with the largest shopping center operator in the United States.
3.Bakkt Chief Operating Officer: Bitcoin's success depends on solving practical problems in the real world.
4. The Red Cross of Norway, Denmark and Kenny will implement currency plans based on blockchain technology.
5.Libra co-founder: Libra was not created to compete with fiat currencies, but to supplement existing currencies.
6. The data shows that the BTC network produced an average of about 147.64 blocks per day in the past year.
7. US cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has denied cooperating with the Ukrainian government.
8. Data: Philippine and Malaysian BTC P2P transaction volume has soared in the past week.
9. Nobel Prize Winner Robert Engle: Digital payments will accelerate, but systems such as blockchain may not be widely adopted.