Beijing News: There are many job seekers on the blockchain, but they do not match the needs

According to the Beijing News, in the face of a large demand in the market, many job seekers have entered the blockchain industry, but there are not many talents who truly meet the requirements, and the market supply has shown a state of "false prosperity." According to the "2019 Blockchain Talent Supply and Demand and Development Report", in the third quarter of 2019, the number of hiring blockchain-related talent companies and hiring decreased by 53.68% and 51.71% respectively year-on-year, and the number of job seekers still reached 7.12 times the recruitment demand. The scale is far greater than demand. According to the 2018 survey data of Zhilian Recruitment, the stock of blockchain talents only accounts for 7% of the demand. Blockchain technology is a multi-disciplinary and cross-domain technology. The specific application requires the compound talents who understand both technology and industry, but currently such people are relatively scarce.