Based on Biyuanchain and Bystack development project exhibited at "2019 Yangtze River Delta Digital Economy Science Popularization Exhibition"

On November 27, the "2019 Yangtze River Delta Digital Economy Science and Technology Exhibition", sponsored by Hangzhou Science and Technology Worker Service Center and Hangzhou Digital Economy Federation, was opened in Hangzhou. Among the projects on display, the "Wuzhen Waste Disposal + Blockchain Project" developed based on the Bystack platform has begun pilot work in Wuzhen, aiming to integrate the Internet of Things with the blockchain to more efficiently and accurately solve the problem of garbage recycling and treatment. At the same time, as the outstanding project of the 3rd China Blockchain Development Competition, based on the Blockchain + digital contract project Block Contract developed by Biyuan, it mainly provides customers with distributed identity, blockchain signing, certificate deposit and intelligence Hinge and other services.